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Astronomy Group News Releases:

Alice in Wonderland meets Albert Einstein: Irwin, Johnson, & White observe a cosmic collision in feline form
Nov 2015
Jimmy Irwin & collaborators observe star ripped apart by black hole
Oct 2015
IceCube Observatory detects most energetic neutrino ever found (>2.6 PeV)
Williams - Aug 2015
Keel, Maksym, & GalaxyZoo find green ghosts of quasars past
Apr 2015
Dawn Williams named "Woman Physicist of the Month" by American Physical Society Committee on the Status of Women in Physics
Feb 2015
Dacheng Lin & Jimmy Irwin detect "heartbeat" of supermassive black hole with Chandra observation
Jan 2014
Peter Maksym discovers star ripped apart by black hole in Chandra observation
Jan 2014
Dawn Williams & Pat Toale's IceCube detection of cosmic neutrinos among Scientific American's Top 10 Science stories of 2013
Dec 2013
Dawn Williams & Pat Toale's IceCube detection of cosmic neutrinos named Physics World's "Breakthrough of the Year"
Dec 2013
Dawn Williams & Pat Toale's IceCube collaboration detects cosmic neutrinos
Nov 2013
"Citizen science" galaxy survey, Galaxy Zoo 2, underway
Keel - Sep 2013
UA Astronomy to gain remote access to Canary Island Telescope
Aug 2013
Dawn Williams & Pat Toale's IceCube collaboration detects highest energy neutrinos ever observed
Apr 2013
Dawn Williams & Pat Toale's IceCube collaboration rules out the standard fireball model for cosmic ray acceleration in gamma ray bursts
Apr 2012
Wong & Irwin image gas flowing toward supermassive black hole
Jul 2011
Keel's Galaxy Zoo collaboration confirms nature of Hanny's Voorwerp
Jan 2011
Keel's Galaxy Zoo collaboration explains mystery of Hanny's Voorwerp
Jun 2010
Chilean Telescope available in SARA consortium
Apr 2010
Alabama, Cuba, and the International Year of Astronomy
Keel - Feb 2009
Mystery blob "Hanny's Voorwerp" cited in The Economist (UA release - CNN)
Keel - Jun 2008
"Inconvenient Galaxy" swings both ways
Byrd, Buta & Freeman - Jan 2008 AAS
Keel Triggers Public's Online Search for Overlapping Galaxies
December 2007
UA Joins Astronomy Consortium
July 2006
Hubble Sees Galaxy on Edge
Keel - June 2006
A Shocking Surprise in Stephan's Quintet
Sulentic - Mar 2006
Keel's new book, The Sky at Einstein's Feet, published
Nov 2005
Sulentic featured in new cosmology movie
Sep 2005
See the Stars Through UA's New Telescope
Feb 2005
Gone with the Wind -- a Galaxy's Gas is Stripped
Keel - 2004 AAS
Stephan's Quintet: Intruder Galaxy Shocks Tightly-Knit Group
Trinchieri, Sulentic, Brietschwerdt & Pietsch - 2003 Chandra
A Large Double Radio Source from a Spiral Galaxy: 0313-192
Keel - 2003 AAS
"Backwards" Spiral Galaxy
Buta, Byrd & Freeman - 2002 Hubble Heritage
Galactic Race Course Leads to Ring of Star Formation
Buta, Byrd & Freeman - 2001 AAS
Intergalactic 'Pipeline' Funnels Matter Between Colliding Galaxies
Keel - 2001 AAS
Silhouetted Galaxy
Keel & White - 2000 Hubble Heritage
Astronomers Find Multiple Generations of Star Formation in Central Starburst Ring of a Barred Spiral Galaxy
Buta, Crocker & Byrd - 2000 AAS
Cosmic Silhouettes Give Rare Glimpse of Galaxies' Dust
Keel & White - 1998 AAS
Astronomers See Galaxies through Thick & Thin
White, Keel & Conselice - 1996 AAS

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